Monday, October 21, 2013

Insider's Getaway

If the bad weather caught you, too, and you are ready for another breath-taking trip to Italy, then you should definitely head to the Piedmont – the really northern heart of Italy! While other tourist areas just finished the season, the Piedmont – more precisely the region around the town of Alba – just started with the Peak season. Want to know why? We will now explain you why they are celebrating and why everyone is going to Alba now. Of course we will add some recommendations for a perfect trip.

  1. Alba is a really small town – you can even run through it within 20 minutes – in the heart of the Italian region Piedmont. The area around Alba is so famous for its original white “Alba Truffles”, which belong to the most expensive group of fungus. The most famous attraction in the time from end of October until the mid of November is the world famous “Truffle Fair”, which is held annually and where all gourmands of this planet are meeting at one place! Be aware, just a half kilogram of White Alba Truffle can sum up to more than 3.000 Euros!

  2.  If you are in Alba for the truffle fair, don’t miss a dinner in a typical-farmhouse-looking restaurant and remember that you are doing this just once in ten years, when you see the bill for some truffle dishes. An “Antipasti” with some white truffle will cost you 20 Euros, while the Spaghetti with White Alba Truffle as a “Primi Piatti” is around 40 Euros, not to forget the thinly sliced beef with slices of white truffle are really expensive at 60-70 Euros. My best restaurant recommendations follow up in the last paragraph.  My favourite menu consists of a “Vitello Tonnatto”, followed by a creamy Truffle risotto or Truffle “Tagliatelle”, and a typical piedmonts’ beef filet.
  3. Do stay in a typical "Castello” - a romantic and charming castle converted in a hotel. Although it is peak season, the prices for hotel rooms in the Piedmont are human for what they offer. A stylish four-star hotel is available from 120 Euros up to 250 Euros, while the two most luxurious and most expensive accommodations (Il Boscareto and Relais San Maurizio) are available from 310 Euros. A room at a castello is available from 80 Euros, but be aware that the rooms are not state-of-the-art! All rates are given per room and night and include a light breakfast. Believe me, you won’t need a lavish breakfast as you will take every opportunity to eat truffles, may it be for lunch or dinner or for both!

  4. Plan a day trip to Turin and the Eatly food market. Turin is a wonderful city and famous for its chocolates as well as Fiat. The best and most traditional address for having a hot chocolate is the Baratti & Milano Café next to the castle in the centre. After a tour through the centre and the fashionable shopping street (which is crowded by Louis Vuitton, Guess and Prada shops), head to the Lingotto buildings – the old Fiat company grounds – and stroll through one of the world’s most amazing supermarkets. It was very hard to leave this place as it is a magnet for all gourmets, you can find a huge are for every department of food and beverages.

Now I will show you my favourite places to be in the Piedmont:

TURIN - the chocolate capital:
-          Golden Palace Hotel: from 150.00 Euros,
-          Hotel Principe di Piemonti: from 175.00 Euros,
-          Baratti & Milano Café: make sure to try the Gianduja,

LAGO MAGGIORE - love at first sight:
-          Hotel Villa Aminta: from 144.00 Euros,
-          Hotel Castello dal Pozzo: from 140.00 Euros,

ALBA REGION - where the truffle comes from:
-          10 km: Hotel Casa Pavesi: from 160.00 Euros,
-          17 km: Hotel Castello Di Sinio: from 185.00 Euros,
-          15 km: Palas Cerequio: from 190.00 Euros,
-          17 km: Il Boscareto Resort & Spa: from 330.00 Euros,
-          14 km: Relais Villa d'Amelia: from 200.00 Euros,

REST OF PIEDMONT - feel the magic region:
-          Albergo L'Ostelliere: from 150.00 Euros,
-          Palazzo Righini: from 130.00 Euros,
-          Relais Sant’Uffizio: from 130.00 Euros,
-          Castello di Gabiano Suites: from 190.00 Euros,
RESTAURANTS - focused on truffles:
-          Il Vigneto, Roddi d'Alba:
-          Trattoria i Bologna, Rocchetta Tanaro (Asti):

Monday, October 7, 2013

Insider's Getaway - your perfect Spa Resort

The nights are going to be longer and the days shorter and colder. Therefore, we reccommend some days where you are just looking after your inner mind and soul. The best place to come down from the hard everyday life is heading to a spa resort, where they completely let you feel relaxed.

Our favourite places to go for some relaxing days, not to miss the excellent food and of course perfect service with a touch of elegant design, are following resorts:

  1. Grand Tirolia Golf- & Spa Resort, Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria
  2. A-Rosa Grand Spa Resort, Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria
  3. Interalpen Hotel, Telfs, Tyrol, Austria
  4. Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa, Salzburg, Austria

If you really prefer some holistic and wellbeing holidays we highly recommend these places:

  1. Schloss Elmau Luxury Hideaway, Elmau, Germany - High-Class Wellness
  2. Spa Resort Lanserhof, Lans, Tyrol, Austria - Holistic Spa Center
  3. Alpenresort Schwarz, Mieming, Tyrol, Austria - All Inclusive and Family friendly

With pleasure, we are at your entire disposal for any requests or further recommendations.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you want!