Monday, July 22, 2013

Restaurant-Check Prague - Part 2

Duck breast with baked mashed potatoes

4.) U Modré Kachnicky (Blue Duckling)

If you pass by the glamerous Mandarin Oriental Hotel and then turn right, you will read the sign of the restaurant. Despite the really bad look from outside, do not pass by at this restaurant - be man enough to open the door! One of Prague's finest restaurants will await you behind the door. We had some great duck breast which was flambé in front of us, as a side dish we chose baked mashed potatoes, which were quite excellent. The dessert was expensive as hell - 8 Euros for a Blackforest Cake - to be honest -  fully worth each Penny. 

Starters from 8-19 euros, main courses from 16-30 Euros.

Duck breast "flamé en salle"

5.) La Bottega di Finestra

Last but not least my top favourite place for a fast and convenient dinner or late lunch. This casual atmosphere is perfect in my opinion. You can not only have a great meal there - no, you can also buy the best italian products in the whole Czech Republic. The prices? Not bad, I would say. When I was there the last time I paid about 500 CZK for Beef tartar, Lasagne and a housemade lime lemonade - which I highly recommend to try - there is a choice between Lime, Orange, Melon, Grapefruit and some berries.

Starters from 5-8 euros, main courses from 10-22 Euros.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Restaurant-Check Prague - Part 1

Prague. During the next weeks, I will present some of my favourite hot-spots in my hometown for June, July and half of August 2013. There are several options for having a great evening - the best ones will follow up on my blog during the next 5 weeks. Although Prague has many Italian restaurants, and of course no bad ones (!), you should definitely try typical Czech cuisine. 

1.) Kogo Slovansky dum (picture above)

My absolute favouirite place to have a business lunch or fancy dinner! Cool italian restaurant with probably one of the best fish dishes in Prague. The Pizzas and Pastas are great as well. Vitello Tonnato should not be missed, as one Dolci for a great end of the evening. The location is great as well, next to the Municipal House and the Powder Tower, perfectly situated in a green oasis.

Starters from 5-15 euros, main courses from 13-23 Euros.

2.) Cestr Steak Restaurant (picture above and below)
Top-Secret Hot-Spot far away off the beaten tourist track, but still not too far for Prague's Food Lovers, or those enjoying a great evening with friends. Great steaks from Czech cattle, you can choose from which part you want your steak and of course how long it should be grilled on charcoal. The beer is served in nice cans and the menu consists of a personal envelope which can be taken home. The dessert was great as well. There is also a terrace with a more cool atmosphere. 

The best steak (Tenderloin) and therefore the most expensive course -  is around 23 Euros.

The best steak in town - altough it is from Czech Republic!

3.) Marina Grosseto Ristorante (picture above and below)
Not on my favourite's list, but still a great venue for a nice dinner, especially for those not having enough time in Prague to see everything. The view to the castle and the Charles Bridge comes up to nearly everything - that's also the reason why I come again to this restaurant. The service is not everywhere the same - some servers are great and some are definitely not! Food is good and pizza is also above average. Although the location is exceptional, the prices are average - not too high for the quality offered. 

Starters from 6 euros, pizza/pasta from 6 euros and main courses are starting at 14 Euros.

Following you can find some dishes we had during our evening.