Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Insider's Getaway - Cool London

The summer will no longer be with us in Middle Europe and so we have to see the fact that fall arrived. Although summer was nice and even not too short, it's time for planning your next city trip. We have got 94 days until christmas, so you can afford another trip before the annual christmas weekend travels. 

Today we present our top places to be in London, United Kingsdom. The temperatures fall down to 15°c and the sun is coming though. So why not heading to a cool capital to shop some new winter clothes and tasting through the world's most luxurious perfumes.

Corinthia Hotel London
Absolutely one of my top favourite hotels in the world. I am a big fan of the 24 hours check-in/check-out policy which is in my opinion a big advantage for the discerning traveller. The Spa is amazing, too, with indoor pool and separate hydro pool – as well as floor heating everywhere. The prices are moderate for the huge offer.

The Savoy London
This is Londons most traditional hotel and it really shows that it wants to be the Best property in town. In my opinion it is very hard to be unique in London as there are nowhere else so much hotels to choose. I did not enjoy the stay as the price for a River-View room is very high and everything is extra at high prices.

The coolest of all department stores, is directly located next to the Regent Street and sells nearly everything from skincare to clothing. They have also their own products and textiles, as well as some luxury brands.

More beautiful than the famous Harrods and less crowded (except peak hours). They sell really every high-end brand, like Tiffany&Co, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Prada. If you’re looking for a unknown designer brand, than this place might turn you off.

Covent Garden
One of the most beautiful parts in London with cool shops, small restaurants and boutique hotels, as well as theatres. When you are around there, make sure to see Covent Garden Market, with the Ladurée Store and acoustic musicians singing for free.

What to take away? Jo Malone, Molton Brown, and Espa are just a few brands for the best of best skincare products. There are some less known brands as well, such as Noble Isle, Temple Spa and Bamford. So, when you go through Liberty, Harrods or Selfridges, you will find every available brand, while the non-available ones can be found on Regent Street or around Great Marlborough Street.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Restaurant-Check Innsbruck - Part 2

Yesterday evening I tried a completely new dining experience in Innsbruck, the new Adlers Hotel and Restaurant situated in the top floors of the new PEMA headline tower next to the main station! 

We took the elevator to the top floor and I was standing in the middle of the new and very cool bar! The wife of the owner greeted us personally and guided us together with the server to our table! She also made sure that we got the best available table - and it was an amazing table directly on the window with Innsbrucks best views!

The server was nice and efficient and brought us the menu immediately! He also asked us if we need help how to use the ipad menu, but we wanted to try it by ourselfs. It is really amazing if you can choose the meals on the ipad espacially for a town like Innsbruck!

The only problem with this system is that you cannot choose the dishes and sent them to the server immediately. You first have to choose the dish and swipe it to the Favourites and he collects them!

I ordered a Capuccino of pumkin, which was not yet perfect but above good! 

Afterwards I took the roasted duck breast with a duett of puree. The duck breast and the Bergamot sauce were very good, the carrott puree good and the green puree was not my taste!

As the portions are not on the small side we had no more space for an kind of excellent-sounding desserts. Next time I will let space for one of them!

At half past ten, we asked for the bill and paid about 34.00 Euros for these two courses, a small sparkling water and tip!

Conclusion: It is a luxurious place to dine, not cheap but the views come up to it!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Travel Diary: My Summer holidays Part 7

Just arrived home now after a beautiful 3-week trip through the very South of Italy.

My last stop for this trip were the Marches, a region between Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo, famous for the shoe outlets. I stayed once again at the majestical Villa Lattanzi in Torre di Palme (within 20 minutes driving to Tod's and Prada outlet). The service was perfect again and the room clean, modern with a touch of luxury as well as excellent Etro Relent toiletries. Sea view and a very nice breakfast is always guaranteed! I had also a nice last evening with some italian friends at a very cool place, called Cobá Beach, directly on the beach of Porto San Giorgo, about 5 minutes by car from the Villa.

Before I went to the Marches, I have been in the modern region of Apulia/Puglia, where I checked out the new Borgo Egnazia Resort, famous for the Million-Dollar wedding of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. 

The resort itself is beatiful and everyone is polite, helpful and friendly. I love the system to be a "Hotel-for-every-kind-of-guest": They have the La Corte area, where they only have double rooms and suites - perfect for couples and on the other hand they have the very nice Borgo area, where I stayed - with the optic of an old italian townhouse. I got a room on the first floor and it therefore had a rooftop terrace with views of the Adriatic sea and the sunrise!

The location is not really good, because the hotel's own golf course devides the hotel from the private rocky beach! That's why they have a shuttle every 20 minutes. They have also a beautiful sandy beach (my favourite place during my stay!), which is about 10 minutes by complimentary shuttle every 20 minutes, too.

If you do not want to eat inside the hotel and you are able to get out of the hotel, then you should book a table at either Osteria del Porto (Excellent dinner 4/5 points) or at Saporedisale, which serves also seafood and really good Pizza - for me 4/5 points, too!

When I left Puglia to go to the Marches, my last stop, I was sure to come back in the near future as the Borgo Egnazia is just the perfect resort for a summer holiday and the temperatures are not very high in Puglia.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Travel Diary: My Summer holidays Part 6

Travelling in Italy turns out to be the most beautiful activity to do in summer!

After four really interesting nights in Sicily, one of the most varied and beautiful islands in the world, I arrived today back on the European Mainland, in the region of Basilicata (unknown to you? Then check-it out - it is amazing)! I checked in at the Palazzo Gattini, the place to stay in Basilicata! 

I was greeted very friendly by Teresa, and she showed me around the hotel and accompanied me to the room in a peaceful way (not as fast as at the San Domenico Palace in Taormina). 

Everyone is so friendly here and so helpful. I did not expect, that Basilicata is such a friendly region. Of course the people have to warm up before :-)

Back to the hotel - the room is wonderful, I got a room with two double beds and the bathroom is beautifully designed in modern beige sand stone from the region - it comes with nice toiletries by Côté Bastide and amazing Laura Tonatto room diffusors! The perfection to the detail is great everywhere! 

The spa is wonderful as well, they have a beautiful jacuzzi and relaxing room. Forget about the staff, they'are very unprofessional. In my opinion it is just important what they offer. The entrance fee of 15 Euros to use the Jacuzzi is a bit too high in my opinion!

After relaxing an hour in the spa, I went for dinner in a local restaurant next to the main square. The owner is gorgeos and the food more than excellent! I had the best Tagliata during this three-week trip! 

After the dinner I strolled around theagical town of Matera and found an amazing Gelateria! If you are in Matera you have to pass by this Gelateria!

After a great cup of icel, I decided to have a drink at the hotel's own Duomo Café! After arriving at the hotel I saw that they closed the Cafe and I was a bit sad about it, but no problem! When I asked the front desk for a good bar in the near of the hotel, they called the barkeeper and opened up the bar for all three of us! That was an unique experience and I would also say this hotel does not only advertise the slogan "LUXURY HOTEL!" - they really live it and they let you feel!

Treat yourself to a special trip to Matera! I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!